An evening with Stuart Garner, CEO of Norton Motorcycles

Norton has long enjoyed a unique place in motorcycle history and continues to draw inspiration from the past whilst building on the Norton legacy for the future.

Join us for an evening of discussion with leading entrepreneur, Stuart Garner who says he really is living the dream – something he thought there was little chance of doing when he started out as an apprentice gamekeeper.
Stuart is CEO and owner of Norton Motorcycles, the famous British motorcycle brand and whether you are interested in hearing how Stuart set the World Speed Record for a Rotary Powered Motorcycle or singlehandedly reclaimed and revived the revered Norton name, this will be a memorable evening at The Clubhouse.

More about Norton Motorcycles:

The 1898 James Lansdowne Norton (known to all as 'Pa') founded Norton as a manufacturer of "fittings and parts for the two-wheel trade." By 1902 the first Norton motorcycles were being produced using French and Swiss engines. In 1907 Rem Fowler won the Isle of Man twin cylinder class riding a Norton, the beginning of a strong racing tradition promoting Harrods to begin selling the brand in 1909.

Norton Motorcycles has went through several incarnations as a company since these times but the racing tradition and thirst to break new records and win Championships is built into the fabric of the brand. In 2009 CEO Stuart Garner set the World Speed Record for a Rotary Powered Motorcycle (recording 173mph for a timed mile).

The first Commando 961SE was delivered in 2010 and the success of these motorcycles sees Norton return to production and in 2012 Norton returned to race the TT with the SG1 and after promising results in 2013, the 2014 season and the long term future look bright!

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